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We are always trying to improve and bring our families together. 

Let's learn and have fun together!

Discover our channels

Our teachers are sharing their love with videos full of stories, art, science and much more!

Story Time

Our Teachers share their favorite books and invite you and your family to join us in this magical adventure!

Let's Sing Together!

Mrs. Malley share her favorite songs and invite all our families to sing together!

Let's Meditate!

Mrs. Bozkus teach us about meditation and breathing exercises.

Yoga Time!

We are all very excited to invite our families and join our Yoga Teacher Chikku. It's Yoga Time!

Let's Play a Game!

 Our teachers are very excited to show you their favorite games. Let's learn and have fun together!


Welcome to Botany Class! Let's explore and learn together about plants, seeds, flowers and much more.

Science Experiments

Science is our passion. Our teachers are very excited to show you amazing experiments and guide you step by step for you to try with your family.


Our teachers and students had a week full of experiments and fun to celebrate our STEAM week.