Summer school


June 21st to August 27th

Study of Hawaii

This summer Chestnut summer school students will study the Islands of Hawaii.  Children will discover how the islands were formed, learn about the culture and language of Hawaii, and research the flora and fauna that inhabit the islands.  In addition to working with classical Montessori materials, students will study Hawaii through hands-on experiments, music, art, food prep, dance and movement.


Students will engage in our rich, natural environment for outdoor activities as often as the weather permits.  This includes picnicking in the play-yard for lunch each day, sprinkler and water play, gardening and nature exploration.

Session I

June 21st – July 2nd

Formation of the Hawaiian Islands and Biomes of Hawaii

  • archipelagos

  • Hawaiian art

  • land and water forms

Session II

July 6th – July 16th

Hawaiian Culture and Language

  • ​study of state gemstone, mammal, bird, insect, fish, flower, plant,

  • instrument, dance, sport

  • Language of Hawaii

Session III

July 19th – July 30th

Sea Animals of Hawaii

  • mammals and fish of the sea in Hawaii

  • dolphin, sea turtle, manta ray, whale, shark, monk seal

Session IV

August 2nd – August 13th

Land Animals of Hawaii

  • birds and land animals of Hawaii

  • nene goose, chameleon, hoary bat, peacock, mongoose

Session V

August 16th – August 27th

Trees, Plants and Food of Hawaii

  • plumeria, hibiscus, orchid, koa tree, palm tree, banyan tree

  • tasting Hawaiian foods

  • banana, pineapple, sugar cane, papaya

  • end of summer luau