The Lilac Classroom


The Lilac classroom is located within a lovely family home with a beautiful view of the wetland and temperate forest biomes on campus, providing an ideal outdoors environment. Our first classroom, has been carefully prepared to receive children from ages 2 through 6 following the Chestnut Montessori Early Childhood Program


A large classroom filled with natural light overlooking evergreen and maple trees that has been prepared to support independence and creativity. Children can transition among the various curriculum areas including, Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography, Science, Botany and Zoology.


Our school is designed to offer the young children an environment that is safe and carefully adapted to their needs. A foyer welcomes our students and provides separated spaces for each child's belongings. They start their day learning how to change their shoes, fold their jackets, organize their snacks and lunch boxes, preparing to enter the classroom. Our teachers support independence by guiding and helping in dressing and toilet training. We offer a large restroom with child size toilets and changing space.


Kirkland Campus

Our Kirkland Campus is located in the Forbes Creek area on over four acres of evergreen and maple trees, ferns, fruit trees and wetlands. These rich environments full of small animals, birds, insects, and plants are the base of our curriculum.


Here our children learn observing the interactions of plants, animals, and insects to increase their understanding of the natural world and develop their sensorial, motor, cognitive and social emotional skills.

Our curriculum supports young children in their first phase of their lives through the use of classical Montessori materials combined with practical life lessons guided by Credentialed Montessori Teachers.

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At Chestnut Montessori, our early childhood curriculum is designed and implemented to support the needs and abilities of the whole child in his/her physical, social and intellectual development. The mixed-aged classroom creates a perfect environment to introduce the Early Childhood Curriculum individually or in group, as a child demonstrates readiness.  We incorporate a STEAM curriculum aligning the classical Montessori approach with art, music and practical life activities that prepare our students to be independent, confident and ready to become self-directed learners.


Sensorial Activities

Sensorial activities and materials are designed to refine each sense. Montessori Sensorial lessons specifically work towards developing all six  senses: tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and stereognostic senses.


Practical Life Activities

Food preparation, cooking, care of the environment, flower arranging, gardening undressing, dressing, folding, using the toilet and cleaning after each activity.



 Language materials are introduced daily in various activities though conversations, reading time, songs, performances and story time.



Math is introduced to young children using  concepts of proportions, geometry, numbers, fractions and shapes as part of the daily activities.



Maps and globes are presented to introduce children to similarities and differences of people around the world. Children learn about land and water forms, countries, animals, plants and cultural diversity.



Science experiments are part of our curriculum and it's introduced to our young children. They enjoy exploring concepts such as oxidation, evaporation, buoyancy and condesation. 

Extra activities


Our school days are filled with Montessori lessons and extra activities that support their social emotional development and life skills. Children enjoy cooking classes, science experiments, music lessons, art, perceptual motor activities within the classroom. They also have a lot of fun and freedom exploring our play yard, garden, natural trails, and soccer field.


after school

The After-school program – Dawn to Dusk is a very active time, when students have extra play time outside, early and late afternoon snacks, and time inside to play games, collaborate on projects, read and story time. Dawn to Dusk activities are based on our Montessori and STEAM curriculum.

The school is open year-round, with occasional closures according to the school schedule each year. 

The hours of operation are 8:00 to 6:00.