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STEAM encompasses the disciplines and the inquiry process of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. 


At Chestnut Montessori School we provide these experiences integrated into the Montessori curriculum so that STEAM activities are available to our young learners on a daily basis.


  Our teachers engage students in the inquiry process of identifying a dilemma, forming a hypothesis, performing and observing the experiment and discussing the results using appropriate nomenclature.


Technology for children encompasses the use of tools to accomplish tasks. 

Our students have opportunities to explore the use of tools such as tongs, basters, scales, timers, inclined planes, pulleys, gear, conveyors, and other simple machines.


Engineering studies can include projects related to disciplines including: civil, mechanical, aeronautical, chemical, automation, and industrial concepts.


We encourage the child’s interests by providing a wide variety of activities for our students to explore at school.  Art activities are available, with special guidance for students, as they are ready.


 Our already rich Math materials and curriculum are enriched with further studies in applied math, geometry, fractions, measurement, money, and story problems, all of which are also integrated into other areas of the classroom.

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