December 16, 2015


I think of seven year olds as fun and carefree because they are beyond the challenge they faced at six, when they transitioned from the early to middle childhood years.  At this age, the child has developed many foundational skills and will now work on refinement of t...

October 27, 2015



The six year old child enters a new stage of development, when the quest for knowledge is insatiable.  This is the most intellectual period of a child’s life.


His physical development is typically slow and steady.  Some children may reach a plateau prior to the growt...

October 14, 2015


Around the age of 5 ½, children begin to undergo a transition from the Absorbent Mind of the First Plane of Development (ages 0-6) to the sense of justice that is predominant in the Second Plane of Development (ages 6-12).  The child reveals himself by changes in the...

October 7, 2015

Five year olds are a lot of fun to be with!  They are generally very self-assured, but don’t need to brag about themselves.  They are in a happy stage of equilibrium; all the physical, verbal, and social skills that have developed through the years are strong and empow...

September 28, 2015

At four, the child is in an age of extremes.  S/he is more self-confident, has overflowing energy, and may be temperamental with extreme mood changes.  S/he loves to brag and show off, and may refuse to follow instructions that s/he understands and can do.  Yet, the en...

September 22, 2015




The three year old is full of enthusiasm, energy, affection, openness, and joy in learning new things!  He usually love coming to school, separates easily from home, and looks forward to being with friends.  At two, he was typically involved in parallel play, but no...

September 17, 2015


Two simple phrases “no” and “I do it myself” are the mantra of the two year old child.  This child has a strong inner drive to become independent.  She wants to explore and experience the world around her, usually while in perpetual motion.


After learning to craw...

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