"The school opened with a handful of students at the start of the economic downturn, and while others preschools had to close classrooms Chestnut Montessori grew to house three full classrooms.  It's been amazing to watch.  Our first daughter, now in third grade, has been at Chestnut Montessori since she was 2 and 1/2 (when the school opened).  Our second daughter is now there as well.  Very rare is the day when both girls aren't excited to go to school.


The school has amazing community events, especially at the elementary level.  The elementary students have a camp-out at the school just before the school year begins, a zoo overnight toward the end of the year, and a field-trip per month during the year.  The preschoolers have activities that come to them, such as the parent/child pumpkin carving before Halloween.  There are numerous opportunities to perform for their parents at school events. The director has been in Montessori education for decades.  The assistant director has been with the school since it opened, went through Montessori training while serving as the school's office manager, and has provided the school with an amazing continuity."

CMS Parent


"Best Montessori in the area! We booked a visit at Chestnut (very friendly easy process, even though it was close to start of the school year) and I was immediately charmed by this school. It looks like a home, with 2 little buildings and a yard, nestled amidst tall Chestnut trees. It's very woodsy and nature-filled and soothing to scared little ones.


Jeannine impressed us just as much as she had impressed our friend. We knew we had to sign up on the spot. Both of my children attend Chestnut now and not only do they love it, I love it too. I even briefly thought I should quit my job, attend Jeannine's classes and learn to be a Montessori teacher so I can work there. It's THAT good. I trust Montessori to nurture and care for my children while enriching their minds. You can trust them too."

CMS Parent


"Chestnut Montessori school has prepared my children both academically and socially for the years to come.  The teachers are well educated, well spoken and caring.  In the 4 years we have been coming to CMS I have never had a complaint about the school.  I would highly recommend this school for anyone looking for a traditional Montessori environment for their children."

CMS Parent


“Andrew was one of the first students to join the Chestnut Montessori campus. The moment we saw it, we knew it was very different than any other school that Andrew ever attended before. We were amazed to see how organized, clean, open and bright the school is. We were also very impressed on how warm, comforting and professional Jeannine was in explaining to us regarding how the school works and about the area itself.

We saw an amazing difference and improvement in Andrew ever since he joined the school. His behavior and manners improved a lot, he is more patient and he is now able to focus and concentrate better. The thing that impresses us most is how much he loves to learn new things. I feel that he really opts for educational things (or work) with purpose now. He does not just pick up toys and play with them. But everything becomes a learning process that he naturally enjoys. We are also amazed of all the things that he learned from the teacher, as well as from watching the older kids do their work.

And it was not just us that notice the difference in him. Almost everybody that interacts with him see the big positive changes Chestnut Montessori made in him.  Before this, we didn't even know how the Montessori system worked, but now, thanks to Chestnut Montessori, we are a true believer of the system."

CMS Parents

Susan and Brent