This summer we invite your child to explore Chemistry and The Art of Food

Is there magic behind the oven door that changes a bowl of batter into a perfect pan cookies? Or is it chemistry which causes reactions to happen!

This summer we will use chemistry to explore food and the art of cooking.

The children will engage in cooking projects to learn why foods react as they do. For example, what is baking soda, and do we need it to make a cake?

We will also use art to document our perfect culinary experiences.


Sessions and sign-ups are for two consecutive weeks, each having a different theme.

Session I - Baking Chemistry         

 June 15th - June 26th


Session II - Ice cream, Acids and Bases          

June 29th - July 10th


Session III - Fruits vs Vegetables      

July 13th - July 24th

Session IV - Science and art of color

 July 27th - August 7th

Session V - The elements of fashion

August 10th - August 21st

Intercession - Inventors & Inventions  

 August 24th - August 28th

Our Summer Program begins June 15th, 2019 and ends August 28th.

In the mornings students will work in the classroom with classical Montessori materials and in the afternoons students will participate in outdoor picnics, playtime, nature walks and sprinkler days.


Summer School activities also include:

  • Art Projects – creating beautiful and environmentally friendly artwork with recycled materials

  • Collaborative Games and Proprioception – parachute, balance beam, bean bag toss

  • Water Activities – sprinkler, misting hoses

  • Gardening – planting, watering and tasting fruits and veggies

  • Food Prep – baking, preparing individual snacks, making fruit sorbet and popsicles


Summer School 2020

Elementary - Ages 5 through 12