Early Childhood at Chestnut Montessori

Your child can experience joyful learning at Chestnut Montessori School.

Our specially prepared environment fosters independence, competence and confidence as students become self-directed learners.

Children learn best when the promise of Sensitive Periods are fulfilled. Sensitive Periods are transitory times of effortless learning, when students can absorb specific nomenclature and information. Guided by our highly educated Montessori teachers, each child's innate abilities, intelligence and creativity unfolds. Opportunities for practice in writing, reading, math, fine arts and the sciences abound.

As members of a peaceful school community, students learn respect and responsibility. Lessons in Grace & Courtesy assist children in developing social graces, respect for all life forms and an understanding of the needs and feelings of others. Our "Real Life Heroes," such as Dr. Maria Montessori, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are introduced each month.

Our outdoor environment enriches our students' school experiences. A natural play yard, fruit and vegetable gardens, pumpkin patch and apple trees provide many opportunities for students to explore and participate in nature studies.

Our responsibility is to provide many memorable experiences for our students. Please call to schedule a tour if you would like to explore the possibility for your child to experience the life-long gift of an education at Chestnut Montessori School.

“The child should love everything he learns. Whatever is presented to him must be made beautiful and clear.” —Maria Montessori